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I'm Carlos

Fullstack Dev


Here are some Projects

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Password Generator

Simple, responsive, BEM conventions, and most importantly semantic. This password generator uses a third party library known as zxcvbn for password strength detection.

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Netflix Clone

Netflix streaming clone. Adminstrators are able to view user analytics as well as perform CRUD operations on the database. Users can look up movies or series and have them sorted by genre. User and admin authentication is done use JWT's.

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Amazon Clone

Amazon e-commerce site clone. Users can buy and add items to their basket. Payment processing is done using stripe. Users can sign up and login using Firebase's auth API.

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Skilled Landing Page

Responsive landing page. BEM conventions for CSS. Semantic HTML. Accessibile Webpage.

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Splice 3D animations. Simple landing page made using Splice's software that allows for simple, unique, and complex 3D animations.

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Weather Application

Weather Application. Uses a few different APIs to fetch users' weather. Openweather API is used for the actual weather data, while the other API's help retrieve the country and/or state code for more accurate results. GIPHY's API is used to fetch a gif displayed in the background that relates to the weather itself.

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Resume Application

Nice simple web based resume. This was my first project using React. Trying to learn how to create component-based web applications was the primary goal.